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Triplex Ultrasound (Color-Flow Imaging)
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  4. Non-invasive, 3D-imaging tool measures blood flow and oxygenation

This sound relates to the movement of blood within your heart chambers. The images are constantly viewed on the monitor and recorded for a permanent record of the examination. This is reviewed by the physician prior to completion of the final report. Other than wearing loose-fitting clothing, there are no special restrictions or preparation prior to a 2D Doppler echocardiogram. Although the gel is water soluble and should not stain; it is messy and could get on your clothing so please be aware and dress appropriately.

It is very important that you keep your appointment once it is scheduled. If you must cancel your appointment, please give the office at least 24 hours notice by calling Our testing schedule requires tight time restrictions, so please notify the office immediately if you will be late for your appointment.

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Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Turn off Animations. Turn on Animations. Sign In. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. A single capillary is a mere microns in diameter -- so small that red blood cells must flow through in single file. SC-OCTA works by combining spectroscopy, which looks at the various visible light wavelengths, or color spectra, with conventional optical coherence tomography OCT , which is similar to ultrasound except uses light waves instead of sound waves.


Like a radar, OCT pinpoints the tissue of interest, and then spectroscopy characterizes it. SC-OCTA has many advantages over traditional imaging: it does not rely on injected dyes for contrast or harmful radiation. Many types of imaging also only work if the area of interest is moving for example, ultrasound can only image blood when it is flowing or completely still. This enables it to image stagnant blood or moving organs, such as a beating heart.

The new technology's only limitation is that it cannot image deeper than 1 millimeter.

Echocardiogram | Johns Hopkins Medicine

This might seem shallow compared to ultrasound, which can see several centimeters below the surface. Backman said this can be remedied by putting the tool on the end of an endoscopic probe. By inserting it into the body, the tool can image organs up-close.

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  • That is something that his laboratory is working on now. Materials provided by Northwestern University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by Northwestern University.

    Non-invasive, 3D-imaging tool measures blood flow and oxygenation

    Journal Reference : James A. Spectral contrast optical coherence tomography angiography enables single-scan vessel imaging. ScienceDaily, 25 January Northwestern University. New technology gives unprecedented look inside capillaries: Non-invasive, 3D-imaging tool measures blood flow and oxygenation.

    Retrieved October 7, from www.