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The Holy Grail represents a Spiritual Calling. It consists of the Adventures The Seeker experiences, the Insights he, or she, receives, and the Lessons learned during the Journey. The Forest is a land of Enchantment.

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This is where the Quest takes place. It is a realm of danger, achievement, and Adventure. To follow an existing Path, or trail, would mean that The Seeker would be Traveling a Path designed by, and Created for, someone else. The Thicket represents that part of the Forest that has never been Traveled before - it is the Realm of Dragons.

This is where many of the Spiritual Treasures The Seeker is searching for lie hidden. Never finding the Holy Grail teaches us that we are on a Timeless Quest. As he travels through this adventure, experience his growth f Read More Consistently Mediocre This book is a compilation of stories, anecdotes, and experiences I have been the cause of, the result of, the victim of, a witness to, and a part of. They are all true. Some are unbelievable, some are unrealistic, and some are just a part of everyday life.

However, every one of them, in some way, s Read More Galenda's Love Rekindled After a steamy high school relationship, Thor had broken Galenda's heart then moved to another state. She hadn't heard of or about him in years and didn't care to. Upon earning her computer science degree, she had transformed from the wild, rebellious teenager to a successful and much respected busi Read More Para-What?

Seekers- the quest begins

You feel more than just bumps in the road while riding public transportation in the city of Rockford, Illinois—a sidewalk-less, backwater city where you can find growing corn fields next to popular family restaurants. Secrets are exposed, character flaws are uncovered, and even romance and lust fl Read More The Biggest Moonshiner The Biggest Moonshiner is a story of unconditional love, triumph over hate, forgiveness, and redemption.

It's a memoir with bits of history during the hard-scrabble life of the author and her eleven siblings growing up during the Depression in the Glades of South Florida with, allegedly, "the It was work, but I also made it fun while working with cows. Read More Jesus sees me, can you? Ten-year-old Henry and his mother deal with the loss of his father and homelessness.

Their faith in God grows as they face the challenges before them.

Jesus hears Henry's prayers and protects them. He places people and events in their lives to show them that he loves them and sees them. A fictional Not wanting the beautiful day to end, the children wished away the Little Storm Cloud. Although it was fun, the Sun could not bring rain. The Sun encouraged the Little Storm Cloud to return to see how much he was neede A grateful and excited Osaru had no intention of returning to his country at the expiration of his tourist visa.

With high hopes and expectations, he arrived in America to a plethora of unexpected challenges. He fell in Richard Fransen began his career in Not only has Richard performed financial planning but also specialized in insurance, estate, and business succession planning. During his career, he has held several positions with major insurance and financial companies. As a sales manager, he recruited and Read More For Twenty Five different people with five different stories.

All the stories intersect with the words For Twenty or numbers A serial killer, lawyer, postman, drug addict, and a hitman are all involved. There are so many twists and turns it will leave the reader glad that they bought the book… About ninety-five percent of the population is unemployed. Only the wealthy, the one percent own homes. The rest are living on the streets, or in churches that have been abandoned decades ago with the downfall of religion. Normal food is scarce.

Instead, people feed on High—Energ Read More Embracing the Journey Matthew was born in September of with a rare genetic disorder called trisomy His parents were told by the genetic director that he would be severely mentally retarded and never walk, never talk, or have much of a life, that they should not waste their time caring for him and put him in an i Read More Behaving Wisely How does one handle infidelity?

Follow the ups and downs of this story that chronicles the tragic end of one marriage to the triumphant beginning of another. See the self-inflicted wounds caused by bad decision-making from emotional pain and scars and celebrate the rebuilding of a new life.

This sto Read More Stubborn Debra Sue Stubborn Debra Sue is an inspirational story that is based on true events about a little girl who never gave up. It tells about a little girl who becomes handicapped after being afflicted with polio and how she overcomes the many obstacles that she is faced with in her young life. It tells of Read More Passage to Portos. That statement marks the beginning of an incredible adventure for three young college students who are spelunking when an underground earthquake causes them to fall into and through an interdimensional portal and Read More Sister Catherine This twenty-five-year-old woman never wanted to be a nun, but she was forced into it by an overwhelming father—an attorney and staunch Catholic.

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Her convent sent her to get a master's degree in English without consulting her, and vows of obedience or not, she got tired of her life being pus I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, "My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please. God wants us to know that nothing in life happens b Their power, and the people they wield, guides the historical narrative, often distorting the truth. But sometimes, in rare moments of magnificence, by individual heroic, unselfish acts, all of their bluster and pretense is rendered insignif Read More The Curse Getting in touch with your spiritual side has many benefits.

It provides peace of mind, lowers stress levels, and opens many avenues to good health and staying healthy.

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It increases your ability to handle today's difficult situations and come out on top. It explains how God deals with people, Read More Justice? A legal battle would follow against his former attorney, who is busy representing Milwaukee's serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, again! Read More Hope For Tomorrow There is no hope without a tomorrow, and there is no successful fulfillment of tomorrow without hope. Hope is the lenses through which the invisible success of tomorrow is seen in advance. Hope for Tomorrow is one of the best divinely inspired motivational books you have ever read.

It speaks to ever Read More Unbalanced. Kenyatta Ross is a young African American woman and mother born into a life of abuse and trauma.

Magic Undying

She's desperately seeking to find a real love to sooth the ache left within her soul and bring balance to her life. Unbalanced is an urban spiritual novel, poetically written regarding ma This book is the story of how I got to Vietnam and what I did in Vietnam. She hopes to inspire families to express openly and often the love they have for each other Read More House of Mirrors After the shocking, life shattering realization that her husband was living a secret life, she is determined to get real answers.

In her pursuit to understand how this seemingly strong, stable, committed thirty-three-year marriage had been anything but, she reaches out to the one person she knew wo Angie Russo's eighteenth birthday wish on New Year's Eve , is to break free from the sheltered life in which she was raised. Following the murder of her father and her sister's overdose, her uncle and guardian, Vince Russo, limits her freedom to p For services to the crown, her father was awarded a grand estate nearly thirty years ago.

Seeking to solve the mystery surrounding Channing Court, Thea needed to know if her home truly belonged to her family.

Erin Hunter

She felt the age-old secrets invad Read More The Gun Behind the Camera Al Miller brings twenty-five years as a Los Angeles police officer as part of nearly twenty years as a sergeant with rounded experience in criminal, civil, and personnel investigations, which provided a full quarter century of experience in dealing with all manner of personalities leading to a thirt Read More The Raven Order.

Throughout the nine known recorded Epoch Ages, nine-hundred years of history, there stands a bloodline that demands attention—the Kindred lineage—a divine ancestry linked to the blessed goddess Gaeanna herself. Cursed with a blood oath to rid Davarus of the goddess's betrayer—Re My passion, purpose, pursuit, desire, and driving force as a caregiver is what has given me the strength, Read More Archangels It is in the year when Mykel turned sixty-five.

He retires from work, and his family throw him a party to celebrate. Later he notices that he is feeling very poorly and goes to see his doctor. After numerous tests and scans, his doctor informs Mykel that he has lung cancer from his many years o The Lord began to do a deep cleansing of my insides, the inward sins that was killing me. The inward hatred and unforgiveness that was fuelin Read More Aster's Glenn David Moon was happy just getting by when a drunk driver turned his life upside-down.

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Now he has an eight-year- old daughter he didn't know existed, and no idea how to connect with her. He tells a story, a convincing story of being covered in his mother's womb when some bad men brutally murdered his father and shot his mother. The ambitious five-year-old convinces the justice department to entangle with the bad men reop Mathers Know Ms. Show respect. For if you don't, you will regret. For in her yard, you'll find a grave and a tombstone of your shame.

So out in public, be on your best, or Ms. Mathers will lay you to rest. Read More Cognitive Strategies for Suicide Prevention, Addiction And Anxiety The author has been a psychiatrist for thirty-nine years and has worked with thousands of patients.

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His impression is that many of their problems have to do with the way they process or deal with information. Often, maladaptive pathways of thinking are employed to the person's detriment. When this o Read More Family Fare Family Fare is compiled of over three hundred authentic family recipes, including many traditional favorites such as gnocchi, pierogi, pasta fagioli, italian beef, pepperoni bread, Caesar salad, and ravioli.

Included are recipes for every meal and every occasion, from simple antipasto, pizza, and br Read More Why Not Me?

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As he grew up, Thomas Rivera had low self-esteem. He joined the Navy at eighteen to find himself. As he traveled, he hung around the younger crowd, and the one thing that they had in common was fear and low self-esteem. So he saw a positive sign in one of his friends and decided this was a good thin Read More Second Chance Life can be complicated, with many ups and downs.

Music can bring us together and even ease pain. Burned out and disillusioned, a grounded Emma Morgan decides to take a sabbatical from her family and medical practice to tour with a famous rock band led by front man, Ryan Barnes. As Emma and R Read More Croatoan As an ardent "student" of American history and native to the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia, James has had a long fascination when it comes to the issue of the "lost colony.

Read More Silence is Golden This book "Silence is Golden", is a story of direction, to teach children how to learn to listen and follow rules. Children seem to talk more than to listen and this story tells them the reason it is important for them to learn good behaviors for their growth and future.