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Cmm Manager Training

I met great people, and I learned things from them as well as the speakers and Tony. What I took from the event is that Tony is a wonderful businessman. The way their marketing strategy was amazing, and I know we all hate something being sold to us but the way he advertises his seminars is remarkable and we can learn from that.

He uses the speakers and partners he has to talk about the programs and they had like 10 minute talks about the programs for business and stuff. Honestly not as bad as I read about endless advertising of his other events on other forums. What this means is to find and help yourself. Date With Destiny focuses on building relationships a lot more in depth from my understanding. Yes, the dancing is over the top. Did I do it? I also went alone, knowing no one there.

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It was amazing. No one made you do that. My point is that you go to the event, leave early and take what you felt was important from the event. And apparently what was important to you is that the whole thing was not what you expected. Saying you dislike something without ever trying it is But even so, you need to think. I say that with all the love in my heart.

What is Kobo Super Points?

He has to charge thousands because he has NO choice! He needs more mansions and yachts! Give him your money! Young lady You will be successful and a leader. Your insight is beyond your years. Older enough to he your grandmother, or great-grandmother.

Individual and Collective Learning

My comments were in August. To be fair That would be the person he started under, Jim Rohn. Tony then took that and decided to dive deep into neuroscience and psychology. There are 4 different psychological types in the crowd when you present and then there are many variables and circumstances for each one of those. He rather focus on rudimentary tactics to get MANY people rather than focus on please then minority of the crowd people like you who just want him to cut to the meat and potatoes of the information.

There is a scientific reason to the dancing. Not only that but how many times in a weekend and for how long and when to stop. Rather you just know him for his content. You have accomplished a lot which congrats to you, and you have content that you are able to direct people to through this article. Best of luck with decision making in the future! Everyone has to understand Tony Robbins game at these seminars. Its called "immersion brainwashing". Basically you are provided with so much information presented in a rapid fire hyper-active manner that your brain becomes over-stimulated.

The fact he often goes of script with mumbo jumbo unrelated information is also intentional in that it contributes to the confusion as the brain is trying to understand and catch up on previous comments. Touching other people is an NLP tactic to promote affirmation and connection all intended to generate and sustain groupthink. I could go on and on. Bottom line I've carefully watched many videos of TR.

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I'm Executive Chairman of a Holding Company in which I am either an owner or partner in over 50 companies. There is no viable ROI in any of his seminars and for those that disagree asked yourself if you can verify you have received back dollar for dollar value on your total investment, let alone the miracle Tony Robbins promises. I'm glad you felt empowered to share! Boy are you getting a lot of free advertising out of mentioning Tony's name especially taking an oppositional verbal stance.

Isn't that a bit like name dropping?

Death By 1,000 Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong

How your company works with him? Tony is all about emersion to learn and make rapid changes and you got out of the pool before that happened.

I won't argue that what you did instead wasn't positive but what you are saying is that staying would have been a waste of your time. You from your current perspective can't know this it is an oppinion stated as a fact The only way to actually know that would have been to stay. So, your points ARE one sided arguments presented as facts. That dread was your fear. So, I imagine you run away from other situations that make you uncomfortable too. All your above "reasons" are actually deflections. What you did on you days off was so you would not have to come back completely empty handed after saying you would do something.

The final comment I have is, your ego is the size of Texas to tell Tony how you would attend if he made "these" changes. He doesn't need you to approve of any of his courses. Just saying. He sells snake oil. How many people actually "made it"? Why do they keep going to "speakers? Go BACK to your job, and make some money, not giving it to this dude.

Oh, you were good for the local economy, too. I don't think that you gave it enough time that first day. I also felt that it was a bit rah rah cheesy at first, but once you let it flow- it gets much better and on day three when they turn off the lights all that you wanted to fix can be fixed- by you - there I have been twice, both times with co-workers. Fantastic time- you owe it to yourself to see the 3. Great information to be had and what is wrong with little much needed exercise to boot! This is highly embarrassing to admit but I need to share something in the hopes that it helps other people.

You can judge me if you want but I would encourage you not to. But I just went to a big motivational seminar this weekend and I seemed to be really enjoying myself I came back ready to tackle the world.

Overview: Site moves with URL changes - Search Console Help

Now some of you will be saying, duh. Day one of the seminar I woke up at 5am, got to the venue at and got in line to register so I could get a good seat. Which was still no where close to when the firewalk that they had been talking about all day was happening. So I stayed until midnight and then said I have to go. So I left and missed the firewalk.

I could barely drive home. Seems like a healthy position to put people in. Day two was much of the same. It feels like you can do and accomplish anything. Which I did. So I had boundless energy and optimism. Tony also suggested that things only change when your shoulds turn to musts. That was until I woke up the next day feeling like a million bricks had hit me. I managed to get myself out of bed and make it to day three for transformation day. That should have been a clue.

Transformation day is kept very vague. And the experience is intense.