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How it all started
  1. 'Thank you for doing my song justice': Khalid amazed by 'Voice' contestants' 'Location' duet
  2. 20 Best Dramatic Duets of All Time – Rolling Stone
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  4. Lady Gaga breaks her silence on Oscars duet with Bradley Cooper

In this documentary, even though the outcome is known, every game's heart-stopping drama is recreated perfectly. The power and hypnotic beauty of this famous running scene from "Creed" as directed by Ryan Coogler is immense. Michael B. Jordan captures the inspiring training run from the original "Rocky" with a modern spirit.

You can feel the emotion of the moment so strongly and can't help but root for him. Narrated by Lakers fan Ice Cube and Celtics fan Donnie Wahlberg, this five-hour doc covers the most famous championship rivalry in sports, which peaked with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 80s. The tension hits its peak with Game 4 of the NBA Finals, in which Bird infamously missed a game-tying three-point shot.

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Voice Duo OneUp Battles Kymberli Joye to Shawn Mendes' "Mercy" - The Voice 2018 Battles

Show Comments. George Michael's liberation from the cheeky pop act Wham! This glittering duet allows Michael and Franklin the chance to showboat all over the place, their vocals reaching ever more ebuillent highs right through the song's fade-out; it also paved the way for Michael to fully shed his teen-idol image with his solo debut Faith , which hit stores a few months after "Waiting" reached Number One.

'Thank you for doing my song justice': Khalid amazed by 'Voice' contestants' 'Location' duet

Talk about real-life drama spilling upwards into art: Wynette and Jones had a love that was well-documented for its tumult — but boy did it ever sound good with a slide guitar. On "Golden Ring," one of their most popular numbers, these two sing sweetly about two lovers buying a wedding ring at a pawnshop.

Sweet enough, but over the course of a few verses the tale escalates to the point that the lovers become fighters, and the ring ends back where it began. So sad they slowed down the tempo and howled like two lone wolves, with a little country twang.

20 Best Dramatic Duets of All Time – Rolling Stone

If ever there was a video that perfectly captured the intent of a song, it's the clip for "Don't Give Up," which simply features Gabriel and Bush in an embrace for dear life, a camera panning around their singing visages. There's an insular, intimate feeling to this song of struggle and hope, which Gabriel initially wrote for Dolly Parton , who declined. It's hard to imagine if she hadn't — Bush and Gabriel are so completely in sync their yearning gentility enveloping one another with hug-like strength.

One of the greatest duets in history was actually a fluke: Each cut was a take of this Neil Diamond song individually. But in , a scorned, just-divorced radio jockey from Louisville, Kentucky, spliced them together as a spiteful missive to his ex-wife. Thus an apparently messy end sparked a beautiful beginning: The makeshift duet was so popular that Diamond and Streisand were compelled by their label to record an actual duet, which brought the pain of a break-up to a whole new level — and shot to Number One on the Billboard charts.

This staple of early-'80s smooth jazz playlists is one of two pairings between the precocious Austin her first Apollo appearance came when she was four years old and the Ohio-born Ingram, who was just getting his performer bearings when he laid down the track for Austin's album Every Home Should Have One.

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Here I had been in the music business for 30 years, and he hadn't been doing it five minutes! The key to this song is not the bombastic chorus, nor its triumphant disco synths. It's in the subtle curlicues: Simpson's breathless counter-harmonies on Ashford's verse; the half-key ascension on the pre-chorus; and, especially, when the duo sings " ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hot! Granted, songwriting powerhouses and real-life spouses Ashford and Simpson together could do no wrong, but this is a high point, a song perfect for weddings and the roller rink and, if you're adventurous, both at the same time.

That I somehow managed to watch every single episode of each show scores of times has never been explained.

Still, no one really disputes the tremendous opportunity costs to young children who are plugged in to a screen: Time spent on devices is time not spent actively exploring the world and relating to other human beings. The new parental-interaction style can interrupt an ancient emotional cueing system, whose hallmark is responsive communication, the basis of most human learning.

C hild-development experts have different names for the dyadic signaling system between adult and child, which builds the basic architecture of the brain.

Lady Gaga breaks her silence on Oscars duet with Bradley Cooper

Jack P. Child development is relational, which is why, in one experiment, nine-month-old babies who received a few hours of Mandarin instruction from a live human could isolate specific phonetic elements in the language while another group of babies who received the exact same instruction via video could not.

According to Hirsh-Pasek, a professor at Temple University and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, more and more studies are confirming the importance of conversation. A problem therefore arises when the emotionally resonant adult—child cueing system so essential to early learning is interrupted—by a text, for example, or a quick check-in on Instagram. Area by area, as smartphone adoption rose, childhood ER visits increased.

In the early s, researchers in Boston surreptitiously observed 55 caregivers eating with one or more children in fast-food restaurants.

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Forty of the adults were absorbed with their phones to varying degrees, some almost entirely ignoring the children the researchers found that typing and swiping were bigger culprits in this regard than taking a call. Unsurprisingly, many of the children began to make bids for attention, which were frequently ignored. A follow-up study brought mothers and their approximately 6-year-old children into a familiar setting and videotaped their interactions as each parent and child were given foods to try.

During the observation period, a quarter of the mothers spontaneously used their phone, and those who did initiated substantially fewer verbal and nonverbal interactions with their child. Thirty-eight mothers and their 2-year-olds were brought into a room.