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Michael also spent two and a half years in jail for his own refusal to be inducted into the military. In the s Michael was organizing for workers rights and for the decolonization of the countries in southern Africa.

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He played a leading role in the formation of the Southwest Workers Federation, a group of workers in seven cities, organized around class action employment discrimination law suits. The lawsuits resulted in nearly workers either securing employment or moving to a higher employment grade.

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Michael was instrumental in the formation of a worker-controlled law firm to facilitate this work. Currently he lives in Budapest, where he continues to be a peace and social justice organizer. Sharon McConnell grew up in a row house in the white working-class community of Kensington in Philadelphia in the s.

Andrew Cornell - Google Scholar Citations

In the early s a friend introduced Sharon to the October 4th Organization O4O , a community-based organization working to organize Kensington through campaigns promoting class, racial, ethnic, and gender solidarity. O4O saw itself as part of an international, revolutionary movement, working to eliminate capitalist inequalities and establish a more equal and just society.

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Sharon eventually became a member of the O4O steering committee. She was particularly affected by her work in coalition with women of color, opposing oppression by class, gender, and race. After O4O, Sharon continued working in progressive movements including the anti-nuclear movement, and became co-chair of the New Jersey Nuclear Freeze Campaign.

Sharon later won a scholarship for returning women and attended the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. She just completed her Ph.

Dan Berger

Her dissertation studies the radical-socialist organizing among Kensington hosiery workers in the s and s. I hope that by participating in their own learning students will take intellectual risks—will engage new concepts thoughtfully and articulate taken-for-granted concepts differently.

I am an interdisciplinary historian focusing on critical race theory, twentieth century U. My research pursues a human accounting of how freedom and violence have shaped the United States in the twentieth century and continue to influence the world. Much of my work concerns the carceral state, including the diverse ways in which imprisonment has shaped social movements, racism, and American politics since World War II.

The Legacy of the “Long Sixties”

Rawley Prize from the Organization of American Historians. The book shows that prisons produce a unique and influential form of antiracist politics, and that Black Power activists turned the longstanding racial disparities in policing and incarceration into a dynamic part of the struggle for social justice. It provides a survey of prisoner activism in the 20th century. With Emily Hobson I am coediting an anthology of American activism between and I am a firm believer in public scholarship.

I co-curate the Washington Prison History Project , a digital archive of prisoner activism and prison policy in our state. PM Press, AK Press, The New Press, Duke University Press, University of Georgia Press,